Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sesame Seeds and thier nutritional importance.


Sesame seed is an important condiment  which should be included in our daily diet. They are rich in vitamin -B1(thiamine) and vitamin -E and contains several minerals like iron ,manganese, magnesium ,copper and  calcium.They contain phytosterols which lower bad cholesterol levels.It is also good fo colon.
These seeds have the highest antioxidant property then any other oil seeds. They also have some anti cancerous properties.There are two types of sesame seeds.
           They are;
           White sesame seeds .
            Black sesame seeds.

                                 The white sesame seeds are used in several food preparations in asian countries.     These seeds are  widely used in many countries around the globe. These seeds are used by ancient women to protect their beauty and to look younger. . A preparation made with jaggery and sesame seed powder(or just sesame seed ) is given to the girls during the start of their menstrual period.This is known to provide strength to the young girls.It is also known that consumption of this one laddu for a day makes ones menstrual cycle regular. It also prevents unwanted pregnancy if consumed everyday.It is also helpful during the menopause stage.The Zinc present int hese seeds prevents the bone damage.So overall it  is helpful for both men and women during their andropause and menopause stages.

                                  The oil obtained by grinding these seeds is used in several ayurvedic massage treatments to treat several pains (diseases).This oil is used in oil pulling .

                                   The black sesame seeds are not used used much in any food preparations.

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